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Stretch Film

Stretch Film

5 layer cast stretch film, versatile with consistent quality to unitise & palletize the cargo with better stretch, higher load retention and better puncture resistance to save packaging costs.

  • Suitable for power pre-stretch wrap, machine wrap and hand wrap.
  • Gives cover to protect against water, dust and moisture during transit and storage, ensuring all pallets can be safely transported.
  • Even thickness, excellent optical and cling properties.
  • One sided, low noise cling and colour film also available.
  • Exceptional clarity for easier product and label identification.
  • Fully recyclable.
Stretch film in use
Cost effective: minimum
- 150% stretch for hand wrap
- 250% stretch for machine wrap
- extra stretch performance for extra saving




Cast Machine

Industrial application for stretch film wrapping of:

  • Paper Rolls
  • Large Steel
  • Coils
  • Pallet Loads




Stretch Film Hand Stretch Stretch Film Rerolling Machine
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