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BLC and the Environment

BLC Flexitanks care and is committed to provide the most responsible, extensive and environmentally friendly Flexitank recovery and disposal service/advice to its customers. The BLC ‘Blue Tank’ and ‘FG Tank’ are manufactured from a range of PVC coated polyester fabrics. Stories have been circulating about PVC which might give you cause for concern, so let us put the record straight.

European PVC producers are some of the best examples off responsible Industry anywhere in the world. Production processes meet the highest international environmental standards. There is no basis in science for allegations that manufacturing, using or disposing of PVC is dangerous and PVC is one of the most rigorously researched of all the materials. It is used not only in plasma bags but in tubing for surgery, in safety packaging for medicines and pharmaceuticals and for the life-saving PVC ‘second skin’ used in emergency burns units.

BLC Flexitanks 'Blue Tank' and 'FG Tank' BLC Logistics recommend two methods of disposal for our 'Blue Tank' and 'FG Tank' .... Incineration Stories suggest that PVC is a major culprit in adding dioxin levels in the atmosphere and should not be burned with household waste in an incinerator. In fact, research shows that dioxin levels in the UK and Europe are declining and only a tiny proportion of global dioxin emissions comes from the PVC industry – much less than most other Industrial and natural sources.

Tests at a leading waste incineration plant provide evidence that burning household waste, which includes PVC, in modern incinerators, make no difference to dioxin emissions.


Authorised landfill site operators/ waste disposal carriers can dispose the empty flexitank.

Flexitanks are not approved to carry hazardous products so they constitute non-hazardous disposal.

Businesses have a legal duty of care to ensure that their waste is passed to someone who has the authority to handle such as registered waste carriers or properly authorized waste management facilities.

Failure to do so might result in your waste being illegally handled or fly tipped, leading to the prosecution of your business, as well as the fly tipper.

BLC Flexitanks ‘P4 Tank’ is constructed from layers of PE film with an outer layer of woven PP. Both of these materials are fully recyclable and can be separated and disposal of after the flexitank is emptied.

The polyethylene is a thermo-plastic materials, which means that it can be melted down and used for making products virtually indefinitely and the production of polyethylene is relatively clean and efficient. The emission of harmful substances is minimal and there is virtually no waste.



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