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Dunnage Air Bags

Dunnage Air Bag

Why use JMP Dunnage Bags?

Cost Savings

Reduce costly insurance claims and damaged stock by using JMP Holdings Dunnage Bags.


JMP Dunnage Bags protect cargo from damage by reducing impact, absorbing shock and as a result stabilising the load.


Dunnage bags are inserted into void spaces inside containers, rail cars or trucks and are then inflated with compressed air to the recommended level. As the bag is inflated it gently pushes the load away from itself, wedging it against the walls of the container. This creates a solid brace, stabilising the load and preventing any future movement, thus greatly reducing the risk of damage during transit.


Because it's not always Smooth Sailing



Pay a little
now ($)
Or Pay More
Later ($$$)


Features of JMP Dunnage Bags?

JMP Philippines Packaging Sales Corporation care about your products! So we have developed a dunnage bag far superior to other bags in the market place. We have invested in the best possible materials and incorporated them into a design which produces an extremely strong and flexible dunnage bag.

The outer shell of the JMP dunnage bag is made from a high wet strength virgin Kraft paper. This paper is then reinforced with a PP and PE woven bag delivering unsurpassable strength. The core of the dunnage bag, the bladder for containing the compressed air, is made from multi-layered LDPE. This combination ensures the best possible protection for your cargo and a user-friendly product.


The valve to inject compressed air has been designed for multiple fills. Should the bag be treated with care after the first use this valve makes it possible for each bag to be used again and again, which further enhances your cost savings.

Each JMP Holdings dunnage bag is individually tested and given an inspection label for quality control assurance and the ability to be traced. Various sizes have been designed to accommodate all transport requirements.


Advantages of using JMP Dunnage Bags

Cargo/Image Protector No Breakage Superior Strength Tim Saver Max 60 Secs Satisfied customers and happy packers
Cargo/Image Protector
No Breakage
Time Saver
Max. 60 sec
Customers &
Happy Packers
Reusable Friendly on the environment Water Resistant Easy To Handle
Reusable Friendly on the
Easy to

Where can JMP Dunnage Bags be used?

At Sea On The Road By Rail
At Sea On The Road By Rail

Loading / Unloading ships
Heavy seas
Container movement around terminal / wharf

Turning corners
Emergency swerving
Heavy breaking / skidding
Stop / start acceleration
Uneven surfaces

Emergency breaking
Defective wheels, rail joints, vibrations etc.
Transfer of containers between road and train

Industries using JMP Dunnage Bags

  • Electronics
  • Refrigeration
  • Shipping
  • Wine Industry
  • Food Processing
  • Paper Industry
  • Container Transport
  • Bricks / Plasterboard
  • Chemicals
  • Furniture
  • Cargo Handling


Above are just a few examples of the many industries in which our dunnage bags are protecting goods during transportation. JMP dunnage bags are easily capable of withstanding tens of tons of pressure and therefore they can be used for almost any type of application.

Inflation Guide

Step 1   Step 2
Step 1 Step 2
Empty space between goods can cause damage during transport
Some instances may require a firm material to guard the air bag from sharp protrusions
Step 3 Step 4
Step 3 Step 4
Dunnage bag is inserted into the gap and inflated with compressed air. The dunnage bag now acts as a secure brace and the goods are protected during transport.
10 - 15 seconds!

JMP Dunnage Bag Specifications

Currently there are four sizes available, which have been carefully selected to accommodate most cargo securing requirements.

Load in tons v. Gap
Size - cm 10cm 25cm 40cm 45cm 50cm
60 x 120 3.64 2.20 1 1 1
90 x 180 9.01 6.68 4.64 2 2
90 x 210 10.60 7.97 5.63 2 2
120 x 210 14.58 11.65 9.01 8.20 7.42
  1) Max gap 25cm 2) Max gap 40cm
Should you have any questions regarding Dunnage Air Bags please contact JMP Philippines
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